Highline represent​s​ a smart reinterpretation of ​the ​brick design​. It​​ consists in fact of ​particular ​geometric​ effects​, well expressed by the ​brick’s silhuette ​and ​​made with mosaic tesserae, little glazed​ ceramic tiles in pure colors. Every sheet of mosaic tiles can generate an effect​ of ​both ​glossy an​d​ matt finishing​​​, every tesserae seems to cath-grab the light​ and reflect it giving a seductive perspective to the surface.

Mix Collection

The Appiani Mix ceramic mosaic mixes are the result of a single-press kiln firing technique that fixes glaze to clay by means of dry pressing. The Diva, Anthologhia, Seta, Metallica and Open Space collections are mixed on the basis of specific percentages to create an endless range of mixes grouped in terms of their emotional affinity in the Neutral, Colour and Wellness lines. Their light effects and finishes offer a fascinating and surprising kaleidoscope of ideas that can be mixed and matched for use as both floor and wall tiling.