Vetrite Collection

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Vetrite provides the freedom to think about cladding without any kind of constraints in style. A decorative art, evocative and precious able to provide custom design solutions by revealing unique textures and patterns and subtle color palettes.

This product is both pure and strong and particularly versatile for all design styles. Suitable for an infinite range of applications such as furniture, counters, doors and lighting, providing unprecedented design solutions. SICIS is proud to present Vetrite, dedicated to the love and passion of providing distinctive quality and character to every application.

Rug Collection

SICIS Rug collections, as the name suggests, draws inspiration from mosaic representing rugs. Floors originated in Greece and were decorated with art similar to painting as long as the mosaic floors did not replaced them. The representative environments of the houses welcomed the most beautiful mosaics to be seen and admired also by the guests.

I’Pix Collection

As a designer would select and combine various materials to create an elegant evening dress, I’PIX incorporates SICIS diverse glass mosaic collections, including transparent, iridescent, mirrored, and textured materials. With over 500 colors, our client is dared with the freedom to choose from innumerable variations, patterns, and color palettes. With this autonomy, the iPIX collection demonstrates infinitude, inimitable patterns ranging from tone on tone to strong contrasts, both figurative and abstract, can be created.

Metallismo Collection

Electric, reflective and exciting, SICIS Metallismo is not for the faint of heart. Lustrous steel and brass pieces are molded into an electric mix of shapes, sizes and finishes, each making their own bold statement, pushing the limits of decor. Metallismo blends with a variety of interior fashion motifs, lending its own viewpoint to retro, elemental, monochromatic and industrial design themes, and is especially a good match for the modern appliances and fixtures of professional-styled architecture.

Jakuchu Collection

Mosaic panels inspired by the Japanese artist Jakuchu. This SICIS collection mainly recalls naturalistic, figurative and orient-decorative art. The mosaics is rich of shades that echoes a strong pictorial effect and the principal features of this stunning collection are the chromatic choices that respect the mainstream tones of Japanese art and the refinement of the manufacture.

Gold Collection

SICIS is synonymous with luxury in all its artistic, decorative and architectural forms so uses Gold to express its values. Gold mosaic is used in all its forms, from wafer-thin nano-mosaics in gold to minute mosaics involving a high degree of dexterity and precision. The artists and craftsmen of Ravenna select, cut and set every single tesserae and microtesserae entirely by hand, thus contributing to create a true masterpiece.