Melody Collection

A harmonious feeling is created in the petit details of the geometries, composed by a silky glaze, rendering this product exquisitely elegant. The traditional 20×20 cm / 8”x8” format, in 7 delicate colours in a 3 pattern random mix, is thought for neat and pleasant decorative areas.

The soft colours mixed to the glazed structure create a glamourous style.

Maiolica Mix Collection

One of the most interesting ways to create “ceramic” is to seek the memories of the past. This is how Maiolica Mix is conceived, striking a perfect balance in blending tradition and modernity, past and future. A collection in porcelain stone glazed with an attractive smooth and shiny pattern, soft to the touch, ideal both for floors and walls, in contrast to the white matt base.

Available in 4 different nuances on white matte base and two sizes to choose from: 20×20 cm / 8”x8” in 9 random mix pattern and 60×60 cm / 24”x24” in 4 random mix patterns. The 60×60 cm / 24”x24”, ideal for floors, can also be purchased individually.

Ortigia Collection

It is in the heart of this historical town, with its mixture of cultures and traditions, a city which overlooks the Mediterranean sea, where the inspiration to create Ortigia was born.

Ortigia is the name of an area in the center of Siracusa, a Sicilian city. This city claims the title of “the center of Sicilian baroque” Ortigia is rich in the testimony of the various cultures which have passed through this region. From the Greeks to the Romans, to the Spanish. The inspiration is vast, we therefore used swirls and curls, colors and geometrical patterns which intersect with each other recalling styles and history of the past centuries.

Agata Collection

Agate is a variety of natural quartz used in ancient times, as far back as 3000 B.C., for decorative purposes, production of vases, art and jewellery.

The stone was given its name by a Greek philosopher, Theophrastus, which discovered the stone along the shore line of the river Achates in Sicily, now called Dirillo. This inspired us to recreate this gem, reinventing it with precious ceramic materials. Light reflections blend into metallic and silky glazes, recalling the original stripes of agate.

Chromium Collection

Substance, plain substance of glazed and rich materials. This is the theme for Chromium.

Inspired by streaked and dappled effects which are formed during spontaneous chemical reactions, Chromium reinterprets these natural effects with great strength. Two formats, 60×120 cm / 24”x48” and 20×20 cm / 8”x8”, in two colors, white and blue.

Brique Collection

This is the genesis of Unica, wonderfully-crafted products that combine design, know-how and technology Made in Italy, with stoneware that resonates with absolute exclusivity.

These unique ceramic collections are inimitable, because they draw away from the mass production approach; instead their ethos is based on research aimed at valuing decor as the distinctive element to ceramic surfaces, which stand out form different and contemporary styles and processes.