Exquisite Natural Stone Veneers

  • Natural stone veneers

  • Hand split and tooled surface for most natural looking product

  • Use indoors or outdoors

  • Waterproof

  • Can be applied to virtuallyany surface

  • 2mm thin = two stacked dimes

  • Flexible yet strong – can even be used on curved surfaces

  • 20 times lighter than regular stone tile – easy to handle / carry / transport / store

  • Easy to cut with scissors, sheers or wet saw

  • Simple and fast to install = labor savings

  • Can be grouted or butt joined

  • Requires stone sealers or enhancers (seal before installation)

  • Up to 1500 sq.ft. per pallet – ultra thin and light means massive savings on transportation and storage allocation

  • Germantechnology/ engineering/R&D/ highquality

VersaLite Stone is real stone veneer that is light, flexible, and versatile enough to use virtually anywhere.